Another day (week/month) -> another 0-day

Read about all the most important vulnerabilities in our digests and reviews. Update this month we have expanded the section with the Research, today it contains more research articles, analysis of new malware and attacks. Note that a button has been added for Tools to directly download utilities. Vulnerabilities: SonicWall, few zero-days for Chrome, 0-days … Continue reading Another day (week/month) -> another 0-day

Monthly red digest with red vulnerabilities and incidents

Microsoft is the headliner of the outgoing month. Too many too critical vulnerabilities in the last month. Also, other vendors with zero-day and 1-click vulnerabilities are worth noting. In addition to vulnerabilities, there were several high-profile hacks and news about ransomware + some APT for our monthly digest. Vulnerabilities: Microsoft, IOT, Nvidia, Atlassian, Western Digital … Continue reading Monthly red digest with red vulnerabilities and incidents

Lots of ransomware with couple vulnerabilities

This week there was a lot of news related to ransomware, including the closure of Binance cryptocurrency exchanges in many countries due to money laundering. Not all vendors can fix vulnerabilities the first time, which is one way zero-day vulnerabilities appear. Vulnerabilities: Pling application store, tons of vulnerabilities from Nvidia and unpatched SonicWall;Tools: SSH bruteforcer … Continue reading Lots of ransomware with couple vulnerabilities

Vulners weekly digest #6

This review is more about exploiting vulnerabilities in attacks on various areas. We also gave examples of why security updates should not be ignored. The most interesting vulnerabilities If you use any tools / systems that are mentioned in this section, it is recommended to install security updates. Gitlab multiple vulnerabilities Many companies use such … Continue reading Vulners weekly digest #6