Microsoft patch, zero-days and few attacks

The highlight of the past week is Microsoft's monthly patch. Also, take a look at the new miners for docker and malware for macOS. Vulnerabilities: Miscrorosft patch, BusyBox and Palo Alto;Tools: EXOCET, Abaddon, holehe;News: Docker miners, Robinhood compromised and attack for macOS users;Research: useful articles, cheat sheets and etc. Vulners docs Vulnerabilities Microsoft PatchTuesday Microsoft … Continue reading Microsoft patch, zero-days and few attacks

Monthly Vulners Review #3

Monthly review for the first time in four sections. Feedback: Vulnerabilities and exploits Bitdefender fixed the vulnerability in SafePay, a secure browser designed to protect sensitive online transactions, such as online banking and electronic purchases. Exploitation of vulnerability CVE-2020-8102 allows an attacker to remotely execute commands in the context of a user on a … Continue reading Monthly Vulners Review #3