Vulners got all exploits from GitHub

Vulners released new robot to search exploits/PoC in open-source projects on the GitHub. Enrich your vulnerability systems with new data and set up new correlation. Maybe your previous vulnerabilities will turn out to be more critical with the new parameters? The feature is available to all Enterprise subscription users. You can start testing this feature … Continue reading Vulners got all exploits from GitHub

Monthly Vulners Review #1

The first monthly vulners review.Main Vulners events.Only critical and important vulnerabilities.Some intersting tools.The most entertaining and flashy news. Vulners events There have been several events for Vulners this month: The revival of the blog;Translation of research Hidden Threat - Vulnerability Analysis using the news graph from Lydia Khramova;Intergated with Exploit Pack collection, which we mentioned … Continue reading Monthly Vulners Review #1