SAP, SIGred, procmon for Linux, Tsunami, Twitter and ZOOM?

Vulnerabilities: There was a couple of high-profile news about vulnerabilities this week: SAP and SIGred (Patch it please!)Tools: A couple of cool tools appeared: procmon for Linux and Tsunami scanner from googleNews: Over 100 high profile Twitter accounts hacked via internal tool that was leaked by a Twitter employee. ZOOM? Again?And Research, because technical descriptions … Continue reading SAP, SIGred, procmon for Linux, Tsunami, Twitter and ZOOM?

Vulners weekly digest #10

Default 4 sections:VulnerabilitiesToolsNewsThreat hunting and malware research Vulnerabilities Apple has released updates to fix a CVE-2020-9859 that was used to jailbreak an iPhone with iOS 13.5. The vulnerability affects the iOS kernel and can allow an application to execute arbitrary code with kernel privileges. CVE-2020-2883 in the Oracle WebLogic Server product of Oracle Fusion … Continue reading Vulners weekly digest #10

Monthly Vulners Review #1

The first monthly vulners review.Main Vulners events.Only critical and important vulnerabilities.Some intersting tools.The most entertaining and flashy news. Vulners events There have been several events for Vulners this month: The revival of the blog;Translation of research Hidden Threat - Vulnerability Analysis using the news graph from Lydia Khramova;Intergated with Exploit Pack collection, which we mentioned … Continue reading Monthly Vulners Review #1